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Our patients about Medicover Obstetrics

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May 2023

“I felt in safe hands all the way through”

“I felt in safe hands all the way through, everyone was kind and helpful. I would especially like to thank midwife Zsuzsanna Unger for her professionalism, for her support, help and attention. I will always be grateful to her for giving me such a positive birth experience.


May 2023

“everyone at the hospital is a professional at what they do”

“My baby boy was born in the greatest possible safety, with help, understanding and love in the wonderful delivery room at Medicover on 24 May! ❤️🙏🏽

The midwives, the gynecologist, simply everyone at the hospital is a professional at what they do and they show you infinite patience and love which I think in a vulnerable situation like labor/delivery/cot period – can be very rewarding and helps a lot!

My heart is full of gratitude and love!
Thank you so much for everything, everyone!

Zsuzsa Unger, I have no idea what I would have done without you ❤️ I will never, ever forget you ❤️🙏🏽

I also thank Dr. András Bokor for EVERYTHING! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you to the whole team at Medicover Obstetrics ❤️🙏🏽”


May 2023

“Everybody put themselves into what was not a very easy birth”

“Hats off! We had our baby girl on Saturday and we are totally satisfied with them. I think it says a lot about the situation when I say that five of us gave birth. Everybody put themselves into what was not a very easy birth and without their attitude, perseverance and professionalism, the natural birth wouldn’t have happened.

Thank you for everything, keep up the good work!

Best regards:
Timi, Gábor and little Hanna


May 2023

“at our disposal with maximum kindness and professionalism”

“The kindness, attention and professionalism we have received from you is indescribable. We are very grateful for everything, and a special hats off to the nursery staff, who helped us enormously in the uncertainties of the first days.

Of course, the midwives and doctors were also at our disposal with maximum kindness and professionalism at all times. Thank you again very much for everything!”


May 2023

“it was nice to feel how much they were rooting for us”

“My baby boy was born at Medicover at 7:10 pm on Wednesday night, April 26. I would like to express my gratitude for the positive birth experience I had.

Overall, it was not an easy birth because I had to have a balloon induction due to GDM and the next day the contractions didn’t really start even in the early afternoon. This was very hard on me psychologically, but the empathy and diligence that we experienced from Dr. Beáta Kauker meant a lot. I didn’t want to have a caesarean section, so she did everything she could to help me deliver Vince vaginally. Her kindness and professionalism made all my hopes for Medicover come true. She was extremely thorough and helpful even during the pregnancy care, she called me on the phone about my lab results, we felt very lucky to have her accompany us through the birth. We had a shift change at 7 pm, but she stayed with us during the pushing and didn’t say goodbye until 8 pm when I was stitched up. All in all, the birth could have been a traumatic experience because it was not easy, but thanks to the doctor, we were in a familial environment all day and felt completely safe, so I will always look back on my time there with a good feeling.

Apart from Dr. Kauker, I would like to mention a few colleagues by name, to whom we are also very grateful. Zsuzsanna Kovácsné Unger was with us all day, and like the doctor, she was also infinitely kind, made me feel comfortable and kept my spirits up. In the evening shift, midwife Zsóka arrived for the pushing stage and then stayed with me until midnight to make sure my bleeding stopped. She helped me get it sorted and even helped me with breastfeeding. She even came into my room at night and the next morning to check on me, which was really nice.

The baby nurses, Gyöngyvér and Ivett, helped me after the birth, which I really needed as a first-time mom, and then on Thursday-Friday Tímea Koselák spent a lot of time with us, helping with breastfeeding, bathing, changing nappies, whenever we had questions, she came straight away. It was nice to see how lovingly she and the other baby nurses treated our son, when I needed to rest, I knew he would be in the best of hands.

Overall, we had an incredibly positive experience with the maternity unit, it was nice to feel how much they were rooting for us to make sure everything was okay, even the cleaning lady always had some kind words of encouragement during our time in there. The next day after the birth, the people who were there for the pushing came into my room, congratulating me again, asking how I was feeling. It was nice to experience this familial atmosphere, we are very happy that we contracted with You, what we received exceeded all our expectations. I will choose Medicover for my second delivery as well.

Thank you so much for these wonderful first days we spent at You as a family.”


April 2023

“They (...) support the expectant mother with a huge heart”

“The professionalism, kindness, politeness and patience are amazing. We were very satisfied with everything, both professionally and personally, and it exceeded our expectations. They respect our wishes, patiently explain all the options, and support the expectant mother with a huge heart in difficult moments. It was the best decision of our lives to have our son here, and I would like to thank all the staff of the department!”


May 2023

“It was a wonderful experience!”

“Unbelievable professionalism and kindness, familial environment, we are grateful for the days we spent there. The doctors, midwives, infant nurses all do a superhuman job here, the conditions are worthy of a maternity ward. It was a wonderful experience!”


April 2023

“I can only recommend the place”

“Our little baby was born here a few days ago, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the way they treated me. Doctors, nurses, babies, they all deserve to be praised. I can only recommend the place.”


April 2023

“(...) received us very well from the moment we arrived”

“First of all the clinic is modern and ambient. The doctor and nurses Viki & one more lady received us very well from the moment we arrived at hospital. The treatment, availability and guidance were all very nice. Post delivery room and support is very good too.”


April 2023

“All in all, I was perfectly satisfied with everything”

“At the state hospital, they started out saying we were old. At Medicover they congratulated us. So it began….

I paid for a pregnancy care package. My contacts are Dorottya and Barbara 🙂 Thank you so much for everything! For all the help, kindness, empathy, problem solving and really everything! 🙂 Without you I would have been lost :))) The maternity care package has been “arranged” by Andrea. There was less communication with her -mainly because our baby girl arrived 2 weeks early. But I thank her for everything. 🙂 And I would like to mention Fruzsina and Andrea during the blood test. They were extremely precise with the glucose tolerance test and the other blood tests and kept me calm while I had to wait :))

The doctors…I went to see many doctors. One by one everyone was very kind, precise and understanding. I would especially like to mention Dr. Beáta Kauker and Dr. Ágnes Dékány. Their empathy and kindness meant a lot to me and on top of that they were careful and precise 🙂 I thank and I am grateful to them for everything for everything❤

I would also like to mention the midwives Panni, Zsóka and Nikolett. Panni gave me a lot of tips about the birth and the baby, she was kind and understanding. I still think about her every day:) And thanks to Zsóka and Nikolett for all their help, empathy and kindness during the birth.

And last but not least: a big, big thank you to the neonatal nurses without whom I don’t know what I would be doing! They gave me all the help, information, kindness and empathy (which a new mum gets from a mum…unfortunately, my mum is no longer around to experience this). I would like to highlight here Rita, Emese and Ariana. Their kindness, their willingness to help, their experience…..and everything!!!!! Thank you!!

All in all, I was perfectly satisfied with everything. Everything was easy: booking appointments, check-in, tests were on time, waiting 10 minutes max once in a while. Everyone was kind, precise and helpful! I can and will highly recommend it! Thank you all very much!❤


March 2023

“my wife always knew she was in the best possible hands”

“On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to thank the entire Medicover team for the past 9 months of care. We are grateful that both the antenatal care and the birth were stress free as my wife always knew she was in the best possible hands. We have only encountered professionally competent and humanly empathetic doctors, midwives and baby nurses.

The biggest advantage of antenatal care, apart from the modern environment and the support of the best doctors, is that you don’t have to worry about when and what the next check-up will be, as they are always proactive in finding the mother and making an appointment with her.

During the birth my wife was assisted by three fantastic ladies who created a supportive atmosphere in the delivery room as if we were having a home birth. They did not rush anything, everything was suggested and done in her and the baby’s best interest. Although unfortunately the baby ended up being delivered by caesarean due to the way she was lying, the team went until the very end to ensure that she had a successful natural birth. During the caesarean the surgical team was also made up of very empathetic doctors, my wife still thinks with gratitude of the anaesthetist who kept her spirits up all the way through.

If there is a next one and we can afford it, we will most definitely choose Medicover for the whole pregnancy. Thank you so much for everything!”


March 2023

“Everyone is very kind and helpful”

“An atmosphere worthy of a midwifery; calmness, professionalism. Everyone is very kind and helpful, I am completely satisfied, I got what I expected: a wonderful birth experience, a professional team supporting me in everything, and happy cot days.”


February 2023

“They really are a professional team. Keep up the good work! :)”

“We chose Medicover because of VBAC. My husband and I were so keen to at least try, but we were also mentally prepared for the possibility of another caesarean. I am grateful to the Medicover team that no one tried to talk me out of VBAC. I also did my antenatal care here, always asking to see a different doctor so I could get to know more people. Without exception, everyone was supportive. Overall, I am very satisfied and for that I am very thankful. For me, the fact that they always steered me towards VBAC when I was a little unsure is a huge positive. Nobody really wanted to talk me out of it. I think that’s a big deal and a very good thing. 🙂

We live 125 km from Budapest, and we were in active labor in the car. This was also handled very professionally: we were reassured and they were already waiting for us. They took our requests into account during the birth, they treated us with empathy. We were able to discuss everything with the staff, we got all our questions answered during the midwife consultations and during the birth. My husband could be everywhere with our baby and me. All the nurses in the nursery were friendly and helpful, even the cleaning lady was very sweet. I didn’t ask for help much, but they always asked if I needed anything. My baby was treated with love. They really are a professional team. Keep up the good work! 🙂 My baby has been well ever since, which definitely relates to the peaceful birth and start, for which I can’t be thankful enough. If I have another baby, I’m sure it will be born here.”


January 2023

“I want to have our next baby here”

“If I had to say one word about the midwifery, I think it would be VOCATION.. this way, in all caps. During the 2-3 days I spent in the hospital, I experienced what it means to put your heart and soul into your work. Because everyone here is like that. I was fortunate enough to have my whole pregnancy care here, right up to the birth.

I would like to thank Dr András Bokor, who accompanied me through the three trimesters. His correct, straightforward, open attitude never left me in any doubt after the tests.

To Dr Attila Molvarec, with whom I had the genetic ultrasound scans and who, with his amazing professionalism and preparation, gave me a feeling of security that I knew everything was going to be all right with the baby.

I am very grateful to midwife Ivett Fekete, who was with me throughout the birth. She didn’t let me give up, even though I often felt like I wouldn’t be able to go through with it.

Many thanks to Dr Barbara Benei, who managed the birth and took care of me afterwards. And to the dozens of people who came to the pushing. I don’t remember everyone there. 🙂 And finally, thanks to all the staff in the maternity ward for those two days. To the neonatal nurses, the nurses, the cleaning staff. They made me feel like i was in a hotel and sometimes I would go back. 🙂 I’m pretty sure I want to have our next baby here.”


January 2023

“it’s uplifting to know that it can be done this way!”

“In November 2022, our second son was born here by programmed caesarean section. All I can say is that it was a wonderful experience, both the birth and the days in hospital! It also made me forget the hardships of my first birth, and it’s uplifting to know that it can be done this way! Everyone had a kind word to say to us, we were free to ask questions, ask for help and there was no unnecessary judgement. Everyone did their job professionally, I can only recommend Medicover! We had an experience of a lifetime 🙂”


January 2023

“everyone was caring, thoughtful and attentive”

“Our second baby was born in this “miracle place”. In short, everyone was caring, thoughtful and attentive. The location was impressive and the attitude of the people who worked here was exemplary. I received the greatest emotional support and professional care from both the doctor and the midwives during the most difficult and wonderful event of my life. The midwives gave me maximum help and treated me as a partner throughout. I can only recommend.”


December 2022

“We will go again if life gives us at least one more miracle! :)”

“Our little family experienced our first miracle here, our baby boy, and we’re almost certain that we’re planning to have the next ones here too. My wife and I went in after moving to Budapest, we were quite far from home (Debrecen), two against the world, and we really knew nothing, and we’re relatively young (in our twenties..). We could only hope that they would help us here. They would show us how to do it. We were very, very scared… God, what would happen, but we convinced ourselves and each other that they would help us there anyway! What happened next… was something. The midwife, the obstetrician, everyone. Ahhh…which can’t really be described except by saying out loud the four words thank you very much and then grinning like a Chesire cat…that was us, now three. We will go again if life gives us at least one more miracle! 🙂 ..and ever since then, we’re still grateful for your work! 2022.08.20.♥️”


December 2022

“made even the most difficult moments beautiful”

“I gave birth to my daughter on 09.12.

I can only recommend Medicover Maternity to everyone! High quality, outstanding doctors, midwives, nurses and neonatologists, who, one by one, made even the most difficult moments beautiful with their professionalism, kindness and helpfulness! Thank you so much!!!”


December 2022

“It is with pleasure and reassurance that I recommend this place”

“I would like to share the good news that my little boy Csongor is a happy and healthy baby, now 6 weeks old, 5.2 kg and 60 cm. First, I would like to express my gratitude for the impressive design of the venue of birth miracle and the excellent care, as Medicover and its professional staff treated me as a partner, with patience and dedication in their attitude and cooperation during the preliminary examinations, the delivery process, and care of the baby.

I would like to highlight 2 things in particular which demonstrate professional principles that completely contradict the general fears and experiences surrounding childbirth and which make the service particularly valuable in my opinion: the way Dr Bokor conducted the birth was absolutely new to me compared to my previous experience and I can say that it was faster and more efficient.

The attitude of the nurses in charge of the baby care is also exemplary: they offered to look after my son after the birth until he started crying. As soon as that situation arose, they would bring him to me. They wouldn’t give him extra formula in my absence (it’s standard practice to give him sugary tea, pacifiers etc. to help him sleep for a few hours) unless I specifically request it as his mother, and even then, I could still be the one to give it to him. This open communication in the care and feeding of the baby is definitely a gap filler – a true partnership. …

I could go on and on, name by name, about who helped me, but I can’t, because I can say without exaggeration that all the people involved in my care (I met at least 20 different ones in the process) were extremely helpful and attentive – including the cleaning lady, whose conscientiousness is a rare treasure.

We were very pleased; I am grateful every day that everything was so well done.

It is with pleasure and reassurance that I recommend this place to strangers and acquaintances alike 🙂

I wish many more reviews like this for the service in the future.”


November 2022

“the two days here (...) were a miracle!”

“Dear Medicover Obstetrics!

Thank you very much for the high quality of care.
As a new dad, it was important for me to be informed about everything and to be able to learn from the baby nurses. This made it easy for me to help my wife at home. I would like to emphasize the work of Gyöngyvér and Tímea.
I would recommend to future fathers to be there for the birth and also for the nights spent in the Hospital. They can give comfort and support during this beautiful and difficult time. Our baby was born healthy and we are now 1 month old.
I would happily recommend their services to anyone.

Thank you for everything and much happiness to the other families.”


November 2022

“the two days here (...) were a miracle!”

“I loved every minute of my 2 days here! The arrival of our baby girl, most of all, but the two days here and the C-section were a miracle! I would do every minute of it the same way again! Dr. Bokor and Dr. Gál are the most human, professional doctors I have ever met, along with midwife Bernadett. I could go on for hours praising the quality of the hospital, the atmosphere, the kindness and knowledge of the staff, and I would recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone!”


October 2022

“it was really important for him to welcome the life that was coming”

“It was the most wonderful 7 hours of my life and Dr. András Bokor always kept me informed about every little step. And during the labour and pushing out phase he explained in a clear way how I should imagine everything and what would happen next.

Thanks to his kindness and humane attitude, I felt all the time that it was really important for him to welcome the life that was coming.

From the start of the birth until the time I went to bed in the evening, I had midwife Arianna, who was on duty that day, with me. Her kindness and words of support meant a lot to me.

She gave me so much postpartum advice.

I would also like to thank Zsoka and Viktoria P. for their encouraging words and the baby nurse Emese for allowing me to bothering her with all my questions.”


October 2022

“all the employees were very nice and polite”

“I had a C-section there, everything was good, the doctors, nurses, administration team and all the employees were very nice and polite.”


October 2022

“there is a very good teamwork among the hospital staff”

“My husband and I decided to have our second child here. It was the best possible decision, I have nothing negative to say! All the doctors, midwives, and baby nurses are very very kind and helpful! They encouraged us all the way through the birth, helped us and kept us informed on how we were doing! Afterwards the 2 days in the hospital were like a hotel! Thank you so much for all the help and attention we received! You can see that there is a very good teamwork among the hospital staff! I would like to have our third child here! I can only recommend it to all expectant mothers!”


September 2022

“We spent a relaxing and cozy two days there”

“My baby boy was born at Medicover in early August. Thanks to the professionalism of Dr. Ruzicska, after 20 hours of labor, I was able to give birth naturally to my 4,060 grams and 60 cm long baby boy, for which I am eternally grateful. The kindness and professionalism of all the staff here is exemplary, I wish every hospital experience was like this. We spent a relaxing and cozy two days there, with all the help we needed, thank you!”


September 2022

“Everyone is nice and helpful, I wouldn't go anywhere else next time.”


September 2022

“They created a very familiar and safe atmosphere”

“I gave birth in early August at Medicover Obstetrics with a programmed Caesarean section. I was very scared about the operation, but thanks to the operating room staff, I quickly got over that. They created a very familiar and safe atmosphere, they talked to me all the time and informed me about what would be going on and what was happening, which helped me a lot. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them! The same kindness and attention was shown to me after coming to the ward. I received a lot of help in the initial steps from everyone, whether it was the first steps after surgery or breastfeeding. I am very grateful to everyone who helped me during these two days, they gave me a lot of strength! And a special thank you to Doctor Ruzicska for everything, without him neither the pregnancy nor my Caesarean would have been so smooth!”


August 2022

“The atmosphere is of European standards”

“Amazing kindness, patience, flexibility, professional experience and I could go on. Simply, if there is a perfect place to give birth, this is it. The atmosphere is of European standards and the attitude is indescribable, whether it’s a doctor, midwife, nurse or any other staff member. We felt like we were part of a little family. They listened to us, helped with, explained and showed everything with pleasure. All this was done with such kindness that you didn’t want to come home. A special thank you to Dr. Telek for his attention and to Zsoka the midwife who helped us all night long, even in the most difficult hours. My husband and I have decided that we want to have our next baby here. We hope that Medicover will continue to pay such attention to the selection of obstetricians in the future, because their current team is amazing.”


August 2022

“They have definitely earned our trust to return”

“Very attentive staff. We were impressed in every way. Thank you so much for creating such a milieu, for helping us deliver our first baby and for giving us all the help we needed with such kindness. There were no shortcomings. They have definitely earned our trust to return. 🙂 They have a great team including everyone working here. I can warmly recommend Medicover Maternity Clinic to everyone.”


August 2022

“It was the best possible choice”

“A great institution. It was the best possible choice. Everyone is helpful, kind and professional.”


August 2022

“it is an advantage that you don’t have to choose a doctor or midwife”

“In the last weeks of my second pregnancy, I decided to go to a different private clinic from the one where my first child was born. It was the best possible decision, and I left with a positive experience on my first visit. The maternity ward is very nice, the atmosphere is relaxing, the staff are helpful, kind and thorough. I was able to stay calm even though unfortunately my baby girl didn’t want to come out, so I had to have an induction, which I think can be more mentally draining, but I knew I would be in good hands here. And so I was, I can’t thank the doctor and midwife enough, they were very professional, the midwife was by my side the whole time, she could almost read my mind, it was also thanks to the doctor’s professionalism and determination that my little girl was born very quickly. I highly recommend the clinic to everyone. I think it is an advantage that you don’t have to choose a doctor or midwife here, I had my baby at another private clinic, so I can see the difference.”


August 2022

“I felt safe and felt like my little girl was safe as well”

“Our baby girl was born at the beginning of August at the Medicover maternity clinic. We were extremely satisfied with the maternity unit, the staff and their attitude. The labor and birth were not without problems, but thanks to the professional attitude of the doctors and midwives, we felt that everything was under control and that everything would be fine. My hat’s off to the emergency caesarean team, they are all very professional and I felt safe and felt like my little girl was safe as well. During our days at the hospital, we were looked after several times by the midwives and baby nurses, who were willing to help with any questions or problems, as well as help with the initial steps for a first-time mom, which can make a big difference in the first few days. Our baby girl was also checked regularly to make sure everything was okay and we were given all the information we needed. I can only recommend it to everyone, we were very happy with the midwife.”


August 2022

“I recommend it to everyone wholeheartedly!”

“I recommend it to everyone wholeheartedly! A very professional, kind and empathetic team, hats off to everyone… And a special thanks and gratitude to Doctor Ruzicska for everything! ❤️🙏🏻


August 2022

“helped to teach the first steps for a first-time mom”

“My baby girl was born in July at Medicover’s maternity unit. The place is fully equipped, we didn’t lack anything. I am grateful to everyone who works there. To the midwives for being by my side throughout, not only during labor but also during our stay. To the doctors and all the caesarean staff who helped and supported me throughout the operation, to the midwives who cared for my baby with great love and helped to teach the first steps for a first-time mom.


August 2022

“we would like to deliver our next child here”

“My pregnancy care was also at Medicover, we were very satisfied, so there was no question of us wanting to have our son here when we found out that the maternity unit was opening. The delivery room is very well equipped, there are several types of labor, the rooms are clean and comfortable. We are grateful to all the staff, as we had a midwife with us all the time, who kept a constant eye on my vitals and the baby’s and informed us of all the next steps and our options. Our doctor, the midwives and baby nurses were very knowledgeable and skilled, they helped me a lot during my days in hospital and I could always count on them. A special thanks to Dr. Nyilas and midwife Andrea who helped us deliver our baby boy naturally. I can only recommend Medicover Obstetrics to everyone and we are sure that we would like to deliver our next child here.


July 2022

“A place where they really listen to you!”

“I chose Medicover’s maternity package because of a bad hospital experience, which was the best decision I could have made.

Dear Medicover obstetrics team, I would like to thank you all for your professionalism, kindness, understanding and patience (special thanks to Timi and Kata, the baby nurses, for all their help). I hope this message will reach you 🙂

A place where they really listen to you!”


July 2022

“We heartily recommend Medicover”

“While waiting for our first child to arrive, we were wondering which hospital would be the right one for both of us. We ruled out state care almost immediately. We searched among private hospitals and found Medicover Obstetrics. The first phone call alone gave us such confidence that we decided we wanted to have our prenatal checkups and delivery here. We made the best decision possible. Our confidence had grown with every checkup, thanks to the friendly welcome and the always smiling and highly qualified staff. We looked forward to the birth with a peace of mind. Everyone at the hospital was helpful and worked to make sure that everyone was doing their best. The room was well equipped and comfortable. We received lots of help and advice both before and after the birth. We think fondly of our time here. Thank you for everything to the doctors, midwives and nurses. We heartily recommend Medicover.”


July 2022

“professionally excellent medical, midwifery and baby nurse team”

“It was one of the best decisions of our lives to give birth here. It was a positive experience to the maximum, very kind, attentive and professionally excellent medical, midwifery and baby nurse team. Thank you for everything!”


July 2022

“making the birth a beautiful experience with their expertise and care”

“I used to go to Medicover Hospital for antenatal care, so I was delighted to hear that the maternity ward had finally opened. I was very satisfied with the care I received during my antenatal care and I found the same dedication and professionalism in the maternity ward. I had the pleasure of delivering my first child at Medicover’s maternity unit. The birth itself was a good experience. The entire staff listened to my every breath. It was a great help that my doctor kept me informed about everything, how the labor was progressing and what interventions he was recommending to help us. And the midwives kept giving me helpful advice on how to make my labor easier. A special thank you to all of them for making the birth a beautiful experience with their expertise and care. The delivery room is very well equipped, with shower facilities, a bath for labor and an adjustable bed which is really comfortable. During my days at the hospital I was met with similar expertise and care. The nurses, baby nurses and pediatricians watched our every move and always tried to help us day and night, whether we had questions about breastfeeding or the care of the baby. Thank you for everything!”


July 2022

“It was one of the best decisions of my life”

“When I was pregnant with my second child, I thought a lot about hospitals. At week 39, I finally decided to go to Medicover instead of a public institution. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I didn’t worry about anything, and as it turned out, I didn’t have to. 1 day overdue, my baby boy was born under wonderful circumstances, with the support of fantastic people. I can say without exaggeration that the delivery room itself and the hospital room are beautiful and well equipped. Excellent professionals make it possible for the birth to take place in calm, undisturbed conditions and in safety. The doctors are superb and professional, as are the midwives and nurses. You can count on their help at any time during the 3 days following the birth, and they are there and ready to help. The midwives are also exceptional people: it’s as if they are caring for and nurturing their own babies. They also help mothers with everything, whether it’s breastfeeding advice, trying out specific positions, giving support, or helping when mothers need a break. Hats off to the pediatricians too! Special thanks to Dr. Ruzicska, Zsoka, Kati, Ildi and Timi! ☺️


June 2022

“I can only recommend it to everyone!”

“I gave birth here and my hat’s off to the hospital! I suffered a lot (12 hours in labour, almost had a caesarean) but the midwife and other colleagues were all very very kind and experienced! If I hadn’t given birth here, I probably wouldn’t have been able to stand this “bad” experience. I can only recommend it to everyone! They were so kind with the baby that I can’t even tell you! The place was great, the room was beautiful, it was like being in a hotel! The price is absolutely fair! The food was delicious:) Thank you to them for helping me deliver my baby girl !!! ❤️


June 2022

“make an effort to put soul into the attractive exteriors”

“The room is nice and comfortable, the service is superb. There are baby scales in every room and a breathing monitor for every newborn. But that’s not why it’s good to give birth at Medicover. Rather, it’s good to go there because the people who work there all make an effort to put soul into the attractive exteriors.

During our short stay, everyone we met helped to ensure that we not only received professional and correct care, but that we were surrounded by a humane and supportive atmosphere. It would be appropriate to list everyone by name here, but it is unnecessary because we believe we would have met equally dedicated colleagues a few days earlier or later.

We are grateful for all the help we have received to keep our focus on the essentials: our newborn baby. Here, every member of the team works to ensure that those who come to them experience the unified knowledge that giving birth and being born is a life-changing experience. Thank you so much for everything!


June 2022

“everyone was extremely professional and kind to me”

“The primary concern for me was safety at the birth of my second son (breech delivery and gestational diabetes). After several rounds of consultation, the team recommended surgery, and we stuck with it. On the big day, everyone was extremely professional and kind to me, even though I was not at my best and had only a vague idea of what was in store for us… a caesarean is no child’s play for anyone: mother, baby, obstetric team, father – a challenge for everyone, even though it is a “routine procedure”. Everyone put their best foot forward. It was amazing to see the pace, the routine and the professionalism. Unfortunately, the baby needed a little extra care, so it took a few hours before we could have our first meaningful meeting, but thanks to the nurses, she got her first dose of breast milk quickly and I report that she has been a big breastfeeder ever since, with no problems with breastfeeding, which was probably my biggest fear about the surgery. They kept an eye on us, helped me with everything until I got my mobility back (they took care of me after that, but I was trying to manage on my own:)).

Everyone was polite, patient and kind to us (midwives, doctors, nurses). It meant a lot!

About the place: everything is brand new, the bed is comfortable, the food is delicious. I appreciated the quietness of the single room (especially when i was already at home :D).

Overall: I would come next time:)”


June 2022

“excellent hospital and professionals”

“Upon entering the 4th floor front door, we were greeted by kind and courteous ladies, and dare I say, we were surrounded by a completely compassionate and helpful staff from the very beginning. The doctors and nurses were very professional and thorough in their care, attentive and helpful in everything. During the delivery, a young but determined and professionally confident doctor helped deliver the baby, and the nurses were always there to provide motherly care and reassurance. The pediatricians kept me under constant observation and paid attention to everything. I can truly say we are completely satisfied for the care we received, excellent hospital and professionals. Thank you for everything!”