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Antenatal care from A to Z

Our specialists provide ongoing support to expectant mothers during consultations, giving them advice and information on the expected process of childbirth and infant care.

Antenatal care

Our experienced midwives will strive to prepare the mother-to-be for every moment of labor and birth. During the antenatal class, the expectant mother will be able to share her fears about the birth and get answers to any questions she may have.

Topics of the class

  • Signs of labor starting.
  • Discussing the hospital bag (“We Are Going to Have a Baby” package).
  • Talking through the birth plan.
  • Stages of labor.
  • The process of birth.
  • The presence and importance of the father in the delivery room.
  • The C-section procedure.
  • What are the options in the event of a prolonged pregnancy?
  • The “golden hour”.
  • Postnatal period.
Szülésfelkészítő konzultáció

Breastfeeding 101

Szoptatási tanácsadás
The importance of the first “golden hour”, the process of becoming a family
  • The meaning of the “golden hour”, its impact on the baby-mother relationship and later development.
  • The role of fathers in the “golden hour” and the first days.
Breastfeeding: breast milk or formula, frequency
  • The composition and importance of breast milk.
  • The importance of breastfeeding and its impact on the baby-mother relationship.
  • Differences between breastfeeding and formula feeding.
Breastfeeding in general and breastfeeding positions
  • Anatomical overview of the breast, the breastfeeding process.
  • Beginning of lactation.
  • How much should your baby feed?
  • To measure or not to measure.
  • Breastfeeding methods.
How to take care of your breast: most common problems, lactation, correct use of breast pump
  • How to breastfeed correctly.
  • Factors affecting breastfeeding.
  • When to pump?
  • Ways to pump.
Satisfied baby
  • How can we tell if everything is okay?
  • When to feed?
  • Signs of fullness.
  • Assessing the appropriate clothing.
Szoptatási tanácsadás

Neonatal care 101

Újszülöttgondozási konzultáció
Buying baby clothes: let’s dress with common sense!
  • When, what and how much to buy?
  • How to dress.
  • What temperature does your baby need?
In the nursery during the hospital stay
  • Tasks during the care of the newborn.
  • Monitoring the newborn.
Baby care, nursing products
  • How and how often to bath a baby?
  • Temperature of the bathroom and bath water.
  • Skin, belly button, and nail care.
  • Nappy changing.
  • Care of the genitals, care products.
  • What nursing products to use?