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Medicover Maternity Services

Medicover has nearly a quarter of a century of experience in private healthcare. Almost three decades of experience and knowledge guarantee that you are in safe hands. At Medicover Maternity Unit, we are committed to providing a family-friendly service based on professional guidelines and a high quality of maternity care. Our patients are cared for by our skilled doctors and nurses from the very beginning of pregnancy, at every stage of the birth, so that mothers can concentrate on what really matters: their future child.

Health is our life

We focus on the needs of the mother and the baby: our pregnancy care plan is designed with the help of a dedicated team of doctors and midwives who have decades of experience.

In our maternity unit, safety and personal space are guaranteed: new parents can enjoy their first unforgettable moments in an exclusive, intimate, and relaxed environment.

Your newborn will be cared for by our highly skilled and dedicated neonatologists and infant nurses, so you can be sure that your baby is in the best hands.

With us, the family will feel at home

The mostly single, or, on request, double rooms offer an intimate and cozy environment, providing a peaceful and relaxing environment for the family.

Beside the safety of hospital care, the modern, professionally designed delivery room offers the comfort of a home birth as well as a supportive environment. It also allows for a more active participation of the chosen birth partner.

As part of our family-friendly maternity care, in addition to maintaining health and providing the necessary support to the mother, we find it important to maintain a humane attitude during pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period, so that this stage of life remains a happy and unforgettable memory for all parties involved.

Medicover Szülészet

First moments of a lifetime

At Medicover Maternity Unit, you can give birth in a relaxed environment in a natural approach to childbirth, using labouring methods and aids tailored to your individual needs. The presence of a chosen companion increases your sense of security, which is beneficial to the birth process. Our aim is to ensure that the birth goes safely and with as little intervention as possible.

After the birth, we support the “golden hour” for the family: the newborn is immediately placed on the mother’s chest, if the baby and mother’s condition allow it.

The rooming-in service guarantees that the mother and her child are placed in the same room. The time spent together from the start also helps to establish a breastfeeding routine, as the mother can observe her baby’s needs from the start. In the hours after birth, babies have an instinctive attachment to the breast, so the first breastfeeding may take place. Our specialists will help you to develop the correct and painless breastfeeding technique.


Choose Medicover Maternity Unit, where our trained team of professionals will guide and support you and your baby step by step, from the first obstetrician-gynecologist examination to antenatal consultations and the days after birth.

The principles of our maternity services

Before we opened our maternity unit, we had consulted with many expectant mothers, mothers who have already given birth, obstetricians as well as midwives, and studied many online reviews to find the best possible maternity service for mothers-to-be and their babies.

Let us quote some of the publicly shared cases and bad experiences that mothers have had elsewhere below.

“The contractions have come, but the doctor is still nowhere to be found. (...) After a long phone call, my doctor arrived, panting. In a tuxedo: he seemed to have hurried from somewhere. His look unmistakably suggested that he would rather be anywhere else other than here.”

“(...) what I missed all along was the kindness, reassurance and humanity of my doctor and the obstetric team. I paid a lot of money to get an exclusive and quality service, and I think that includes not only a great environment, but also a human approach and human consideration.”

“(...) I was not informed about the foreseeable steps of the birth, the possible risks, and when I tried to ask a question, I was treated in a condescending manner. I felt like a burden, all the while worrying about my daughter’s health.”

“(...) After three hours I was still only one and a half fingers dilated, but I wasn’t nervous because I had read/heard a lot about the subject, so I was aware that it takes less time for some and more for others, and I didn’t want to think about a C-section. However, my doctor kept glancing at his watch, which made me feel nervous. I could hear him whispering under his breath to someone that he had been working overtime and had been in there for 18 hours” (...) “I looked at my husband in alarm when the doctor turned to us and announced that I would be having a C-section.”

The principles of the Medicover Maternity Unit have been developed with the experiences, fears, and opinions of mothers in mind:

  • At Medicover Maternity Unit, the whole delivery room team—led by the Consultant Obstetrician—will make sure you feel safe throughout your stay in our unit, so you do not have to choose a doctor or midwife. You do not depend on a single doctor, as your birth is the result of the coordinated work of a skilled team of professionals with complex knowledge.
  • Our professional protocols, developed according to national and international standards, guarantee the safety of you and your unborn child. Our services were designed with your needs in mind.
  • During the antenatal appointments, you will have the opportunity to meet the members of the delivery room team in advance.
  • At Medicover Maternity Unit, you will always have a focused, well-rested team in the delivery room, whose sole mission is to ensure that your birth is as natural as possible, adhering to protocols, and without any rushing interventions. You do not have to worry whether your chosen obstetrician will be available at the right time, so choosing a private doctor for yourself will be unnecessary. Medicover guarantees a service that will meet your needs.

Prices of the Medicover Maternity Care Packages