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About us

Childbirth is one of the most special and defining events in a woman’s life, so it is no wonder that mothers-to-be want to make sure that they give only the best for their unborn child. At Medicover Obstetrics, our aim is to help mothers achieve this wish to the highest standards. Our team takes care of our patients with total dedication and undivided attention at every stage of the family extension process, from baby planning through pregnancy to the moment of birth.

About Medicover

The Medicover company group is the leading private healthcare provider in Central and Eastern Europe. We have been present in the Hungarian private healthcare market since 1998 and currently more than 400,000 clients benefit from our high-quality healthcare services that are available nationwide.

We offer first-class specialist care in 40 specialties at our clinics across the country, be it complex investigations of complaints, general health assessments, laboratory and diagnostic tests, surgeries, inpatient care, screening, or counselling.

Medicover established its health insurance company in 2003, making us available to our customers as both a private healthcare provider and a health insurer, and in 2021 we opened two pharmacies (Medicover Hospital Pharmacy and Medicover Eiffel Pharmacy).

Why Medicover Obstetrics?
  • International track record and more than two decades of domestic experience
  • A stable institutional background and a team of well-trained, dedicated professionals
  • Additional specialized tests can be carried out if needed
  • Strict professional and Medicover quality standards
  • Consultation sessions with a neonatologist, midwife, and infant nurse
  • Full pregnancy and maternity care in an exclusive and relaxed environment