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Antenatal care at Medicover

With an international background and more than two decades of nationwide experience, Medicover has made its high-quality antenatal care services available to everyone.

Our case managers, who organize the appointments, give special attention to the mother to be. In addition to the specialist consultations, diagnostic examinations and laboratory tests included in the package, we also provide the possibility of additional tests to provide for individual needs.

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A stable institutional background and a well-prepared, dedicated team of professionals guarantee that expectant mothers and their babies are in the best possible hands with us: Medicover, which operates according to strict professional and quality standards, is a guarantee for their health and safety. In addition to our obstetricians and gynecologists working in our department, our clients are cared for by a permanent team of experts (including neonatologists, midwives, nurses, and infant nurses).

Our specialists provide ongoing support to expectant mothers during consultations, giving them advice and information on the expected process of childbirth, newborn, and infant care.

No two pregnancies are alike: our people-oriented and reliable experts with decades of experience are committed and prepared to provide comprehensive antenatal care to our clients in an exclusive and quiescent environment.

In expert hands from day one

Antenatal care is a complex health service based on the cooperation of the health visitor, the general practitioner, the Consultant Obstetrician, the midwife of the expectant mother’s choice, and the mother to be. The process begins the moment the pregnancy is confirmed until the beginning of labor, or the pregnancy is terminated. Antenatal care begins when the Consultant Obstetrician confirms a live intrauterine pregnancy, carries out a risk assessment, and issues a certificate to the expectant mother.

To confirm pregnancy, a visit to an obstetrician-gynecologist is required after the first signs of pregnancy (no menstruation, breast tenderness, morning sickness, nausea, sensitivity to smells, tiredness) and if the result of a home pregnancy test is positive. During the obstetrician-gynecologist consultation, after a thorough questioning, the specialist will confirm the pregnancy with vaginal ultrasound scan and will determine the age of the fetus and the expected date of delivery based on the size of the embryo and the date of the last menstrual period.

The 40 weeks of pregnancy are divided into 3 trimesters. Each trimester has its own physiological and psychological changes that prepare the female body for motherhood. To monitor these changes and the development of the fetus, antenatal care involves specialist consultations, laboratory tests, and pregnancy ultrasound examinations at specific weeks. At weeks 1 to 12, it is recommended to have a genetic ultrasound scan in the first trimester to screen for Down’s syndrome. At weeks 13 to 27, the second trimester genetic ultrasound scan is performed, where the fetus’ body contours, facial and cranial scans and limbs can be seen. Fetal ultrasound is then recommended at weeks 30 to 32.

You can rely on our experienced and highly trained specialists who are patient and willing to help you ensure the healthy development of the baby and the health of the mother throughout the pregnancy.

Choose Medicover Antenatal Care, where advanced tests and a trained medical team looks after you and your family’s health from the first moment of your pregnancy to the last.

Price of the Pregnancy Care Packages

In the case of twin pregnancy, we provide an individual quote.

The 2nd and 3rd trimesters can be purchased separately. If you would like an individual offer, please contact us:

Payment by instalments is also possible. For more information on this, please contact us at