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Documents required for birth registration

For parents of Hungarian nationality
  • Valid proof of identity with photo (identity card, passport, driving license) and residence card of both parents.
  • Original marriage certificate or, if the parents are not married and they have made a declaration of paternity, a copy of this certificate is also required for registration.
  • In the case of assisted reproductive procedures, a medical certificate of the successful procedure will be required.

The marriage abroad of a Hungarian citizen must be naturalized before the baby is registered, i.e., it must also be recorded in the Hungarian registry.

For foreign national parent(s)

If one or both parents are foreign nationals:

  • A valid passport or identity card of the foreign national parent.
  • Pink residence card proving the Hungarian address if the parent has one. If not, parents are required to provide a verbal declaration of their last foreign address.
  • Mother’s residence permit (if she has one).
  • If the child was born out of wedlock and the parents have made a declaration of paternity, a copy of this is also required for the birth registration. For foreign declarations an OFFI (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation) translation required.

Information on the registration procedure

When you sign the contract, we will give you an indication of the documents you will need to register your newborn, based on the information we have. After the birth (but still in the hospital), we will fill in the registration forms with the parents and make photocopies of any personal documents required. The hospital sends these documents to the registry office. The registry office then carries out the birth registration, starts the production of the child’s other documents (social security card, tax card, residence card) and delivers the birth certificate to the parents.

How should we choose a name?

Parents of Hungarian citizenship may choose the name (max. two first names) for their child from the list of first names that have been qualified for registration by the Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics (MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet). If the parents belong to a national or ethnic minority, they may also choose from the list of names of minorities registered in Hungary after a joint written request. These lists are available on the website of the given national minority self-government.

Further information

For further information, please contact the civil registry office:

  • Phone: +36 1 452 4350
  • Address: 1139 Budapest, Béke tér 1.