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Newborn care

Our experienced neonatologists will strive to prepare you for motherhood. During the consultation, expectant mothers will receive information on the first care of newborns and the importance of screenings.

Neonatology 101

Primary newborn care + Apgar
  • Primary care options and tasks.
  • Apgar score.
Compulsory screening tests, vaccination
  • First visit.
  • Hearing screening.
  • Metabolic tests.
  • Mandatory and recommended vaccinations.
Most common newborn problems
  • Jaundice.
  • Weight loss.
  • Newborn injuries.
  • Tongue-tie.
Baby Blues
  • I’m doing it well and I’m good.
  • Psychic leading.
When can I go home? Home pharmacy.
  • Conditions of discharge.
  • Medication to be kept at home.
  • When to take the baby to the doctor?
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