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“The primary concern for me was safety at the birth of my second son (breech delivery and gestational diabetes). After several rounds of consultation, the team recommended surgery, and we stuck with it. On the big day, everyone was extremely professional and kind to me, even though I was not at my best and had only a vague idea of what was in store for us… a caesarean is no child’s play for anyone: mother, baby, obstetric team, father – a challenge for everyone, even though it is a “routine procedure”. Everyone put their best foot forward. It was amazing to see the pace, the routine and the professionalism. Unfortunately, the baby needed a little extra care, so it took a few hours before we could have our first meaningful meeting, but thanks to the nurses, she got her first dose of breast milk quickly and I report that she has been a big breastfeeder ever since, with no problems with breastfeeding, which was probably my biggest fear about the surgery. They kept an eye on us, helped me with everything until I got my mobility back (they took care of me after that, but I was trying to manage on my own:)).

Everyone was polite, patient and kind to us (midwives, doctors, nurses). It meant a lot!

About the place: everything is brand new, the bed is comfortable, the food is delicious. I appreciated the quietness of the single room (especially when i was already at home :D).

Overall: I would come next time:)”