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“Our baby girl was born at the beginning of August at the Medicover maternity clinic. We were extremely satisfied with the maternity unit, the staff and their attitude. The labor and birth were not without problems, but thanks to the professional attitude of the doctors and midwives, we felt that everything was under control and that everything would be fine. My hat’s off to the emergency caesarean team, they are all very professional and I felt safe and felt like my little girl was safe as well. During our days at the hospital, we were looked after several times by the midwives and baby nurses, who were willing to help with any questions or problems, as well as help with the initial steps for a first-time mom, which can make a big difference in the first few days. Our baby girl was also checked regularly to make sure everything was okay and we were given all the information we needed. I can only recommend it to everyone, we were very happy with the midwife.”