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“Today marks more than 3 weeks since our baby was born here. When I left I said that I would be one of the ambassadors of the place, and that opinion hasn’t changed in the last few weeks.

I also came here for prenatal care, which I was also very satisfied with, and I would like to highlight the work of Dorottya Józsa, who helped me with everything until the birth. Everyone was very normal, humane and professionally superb. The care is absolutely fair, the room and the food are absolutely fine.

I would like to thank

  • Dr. Dávid Danis, who guided me through the pregnancy,
  • Dr Gábor Nagy, who prepared me for the birth in an excellent way,
  • Dr Ádám P. Szikszay for the professional management and completion of the birth,
  • Midwife Katalin Gombos, who patiently helped me through the difficulties of the birth and poured her heart and soul into me when I needed it,
  • Midwife Ari Tőke, who made my time in the hospital easier with her kindness and helpfulness.

In addition, special thanks to the infant nurses, who all gave us helpful advice and were patient and kind.”