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“Thank you for the selfless care, love and attention we received during the two days we spent here! We would especially like to thank Dr. András Bokor for acting on time, therefore both mother and baby were able to leave the hospital healthy. Thanks to Dr. Krisztián Valler, who injected the anesthesia in such a way that even a blood draw hurts more and, who communicated in an endlessly reassuring and empathetic manner during the whole time. We will not forget your name. Noémi Bornyász helped with the first stand-up. There are not many people more lovable, kinder, more patient than her. A real asset in this profession. Ivett Fekete: I was really taken to her during the antenatal care class. With her cheerful, optimistic personality, she creates a positive atmosphere in which it is simply good to be. Then there are the neonatal nurses. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the young lady who was with me on 28.07, but I got to know an adorable, infinitely helpful person in her person, who was always present when and as much as I needed. I am very grateful to her. As well as to Gyöngyvér, who was also a huge support and could always be counted on. Finally, I would like to thank the cleaning lady for her kindness, whose name I also unfortunately do not know, but she came from Transylvania and made time for us to talk every day, which meant a lot to me.

If there is another child in the family, we will definitely choose this team.

Thank you for everything!”