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“The room is nice and comfortable, the service is superb. There are baby scales in every room and a breathing monitor for every newborn. But that’s not why it’s good to give birth at Medicover. Rather, it’s good to go there because the people who work there all make an effort to put soul into the attractive exteriors.

During our short stay, everyone we met helped to ensure that we not only received professional and correct care, but that we were surrounded by a humane and supportive atmosphere. It would be appropriate to list everyone by name here, but it is unnecessary because we believe we would have met equally dedicated colleagues a few days earlier or later.

We are grateful for all the help we have received to keep our focus on the essentials: our newborn baby. Here, every member of the team works to ensure that those who come to them experience the unified knowledge that giving birth and being born is a life-changing experience. Thank you so much for everything!