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“On 2 March, at dawn, our son was born by caesarean section due to complications. We owe an inexpressible debt of gratitude to the entire obstetrics department at Medicover for the opportunity to hold our baby in our arms, which might have been different if we were in a state-owned hospital. During labour, we were assessed extremely quickly for risk, for which we received immediate professional help. The maternity department is of a high standard, demanding and well prepared. The meals were of high quality and plentiful. I would especially like to highlight the dedication, professional knowledge, helpfulness and above all the patience, kindness and advice of the midwives and baby nurses day and night. Without their expertise, I would not have been able to overcome the painful difficulties of breastfeeding in the first few days alone. Not only did we receive professional help but also spiritual support. I heartily recommend Medicover Maternity.”