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“My wife spent 3 days at Medicover Obstetrics, overall we were happy with everything. The birth itself is basically always a subjective experience, so it’s not worth going into details, I think… What was positive was that they made an absolute effort to have a natural and undisturbed birth, unfortunately it ended up being a caesarean section, but that was not down to the obstetrics team. As the labour was quite long, we had the opportunity to try several methods such as: in the bath, on a ball or any alternative we wanted. Everyone was very helpful and we didn’t have to wait hours for the help of the professionals.

During the surgery, the cohesiveness and professionalism of the medical team was amazing and reassuring, which eliminated my feeling of helplessness to the maximum. The phrase I am in good hands is a cliché, but it completely covers the reality.

The contract was fully adhered to and even exceeded.”