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“We chose Medicover because of VBAC. My husband and I were so keen to at least try, but we were also mentally prepared for the possibility of another caesarean. I am grateful to the Medicover team that no one tried to talk me out of VBAC. I also did my antenatal care here, always asking to see a different doctor so I could get to know more people. Without exception, everyone was supportive. Overall, I am very satisfied and for that I am very thankful. For me, the fact that they always steered me towards VBAC when I was a little unsure is a huge positive. Nobody really wanted to talk me out of it. I think that’s a big deal and a very good thing. 🙂

We live 125 km from Budapest, and we were in active labor in the car. This was also handled very professionally: we were reassured and they were already waiting for us. They took our requests into account during the birth, they treated us with empathy. We were able to discuss everything with the staff, we got all our questions answered during the midwife consultations and during the birth. My husband could be everywhere with our baby and me. All the nurses in the nursery were friendly and helpful, even the cleaning lady was very sweet. I didn’t ask for help much, but they always asked if I needed anything. My baby was treated with love. They really are a professional team. Keep up the good work! 🙂 My baby has been well ever since, which definitely relates to the peaceful birth and start, for which I can’t be thankful enough. If I have another baby, I’m sure it will be born here.”