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“Our little family experienced our first miracle here, our baby boy, and we’re almost certain that we’re planning to have the next ones here too. My wife and I went in after moving to Budapest, we were quite far from home (Debrecen), two against the world, and we really knew nothing, and we’re relatively young (in our twenties..). We could only hope that they would help us here. They would show us how to do it. We were very, very scared… God, what would happen, but we convinced ourselves and each other that they would help us there anyway! What happened next… was something. The midwife, the obstetrician, everyone. Ahhh…which can’t really be described except by saying out loud the four words thank you very much and then grinning like a Chesire cat…that was us, now three. We will go again if life gives us at least one more miracle! 🙂 ..and ever since then, we’re still grateful for your work! 2022.08.20.♥️”