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Our baby girl decided that she was literally “stepping out” into the world, so I was scheduled for a programmed C-section on 25 May. As it never once crossed my mind during my pregnancy that I would be operated, I was very surprised when I found out that she was still in a breech position. I was terrified at the thought of surgery because it was the one thing I never wanted.

Thanks to the immensely kind, humane and professional team at Medicover, the caesarean section ended up not being a tragic experience for me.
I would like to thank Dr András Bokor and Dr Gábor Nagy for their kindness and professionalism, and Szabolcs Szeghy, the anaesthetist, for keeping me in the loop and always telling me what was happening and what to expect. I would also like to thank the entire surgical team for being very kind, attentive and empathetic to me throughout the whole procedure, and thanks to this, my fear of the operation quickly disappeared.

Among the midwives, I would like to thank Andrea, who prepared me for the operation in the morning, and Zsuzsanna, who was with us during the operation. And special thanks to Arianna and Noémi for all the kindness and help they gave me during the postnatal period.
And finally, a big thank you to the nurses Kata and Ivett for all the attention, kindness and help we received from them during the first period, which meant a lot to us as first-time parents.

Thanks to Medicover we had a very positive birth experience, even though we had a caesarean section. Everyone we met, even for just a few minutes during our time there, was endlessly kind, interested and congratulatory.

A special thank you to Dr Molvarec, with whom I went through my prenatal care and I knew I was in very good hands from that moment on.
Thank you also to the case managers Barbara, Dorottya and Andrea for their kind and professional attitude and lots of help!
I can only recommend for everyone to do their prenatal care and delivery here if they can!

I am quite sure that if we have a little brother later on, we will choose Medicover again!