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“We decided from the very first moment that we wanted to have our baby in a private hospital and of course, after a long look around, we decided to go with this maternity unit. I had my prenatal care here and needless to say, everything went very smoothly, it was great especially with my first pregnancy that I didn’t have to go after every appointment myself since they always called me in time for the next check-up and all the visits were really pleasant no matter who I went to. So to be fair, every appointment and of course the obstetric open day completely reassured me that I was going to be in good hands. And the birth itself was a miracle for me but it feels even more so now that I’ve experienced it. ❤️ I am very grateful to everyone who was there and involved both during my birth and during our stay. I would especially like to thank Anna Stanzel and Dr. Jánosy for the incredible professionalism and relaxed environment they provided for us throughout. Both of their presence and kindness helped us a lot in difficult moments. ❤️🤗 I ended up needing epidural pain relief and the anesthesiologist who performed it was incredibly cool. The neonatal doctor and nurse who were there at the end of the delivery were also very sweet and kind. I truly have nothing but good things to say about everyone and everything. Our room was very comfortable, all the food was delicious and plentiful, everyone listened to our every request and question. It was worth every penny for us to have my husband with us all the time and to be able to sleep with us, it made a big difference especially in the first days! There was nothing unpleasant about the birth, because we felt surrounded not only by kindness and professionalism but also by love. ❤️ In a word, we will definitely choose Medicover for our next birth. 🤗