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“In the last weeks of my second pregnancy, I decided to go to a different private clinic from the one where my first child was born. It was the best possible decision, and I left with a positive experience on my first visit. The maternity ward is very nice, the atmosphere is relaxing, the staff are helpful, kind and thorough. I was able to stay calm even though unfortunately my baby girl didn’t want to come out, so I had to have an induction, which I think can be more mentally draining, but I knew I would be in good hands here. And so I was, I can’t thank the doctor and midwife enough, they were very professional, the midwife was by my side the whole time, she could almost read my mind, it was also thanks to the doctor’s professionalism and determination that my little girl was born very quickly. I highly recommend the clinic to everyone. I think it is an advantage that you don’t have to choose a doctor or midwife here, I had my baby at another private clinic, so I can see the difference.”