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“I would like to share the good news that my little boy Csongor is a happy and healthy baby, now 6 weeks old, 5.2 kg and 60 cm. First, I would like to express my gratitude for the impressive design of the venue of birth miracle and the excellent care, as Medicover and its professional staff treated me as a partner, with patience and dedication in their attitude and cooperation during the preliminary examinations, the delivery process, and care of the baby.

I would like to highlight 2 things in particular which demonstrate professional principles that completely contradict the general fears and experiences surrounding childbirth and which make the service particularly valuable in my opinion: the way Dr Bokor conducted the birth was absolutely new to me compared to my previous experience and I can say that it was faster and more efficient.

The attitude of the nurses in charge of the baby care is also exemplary: they offered to look after my son after the birth until he started crying. As soon as that situation arose, they would bring him to me. They wouldn’t give him extra formula in my absence (it’s standard practice to give him sugary tea, pacifiers etc. to help him sleep for a few hours) unless I specifically request it as his mother, and even then, I could still be the one to give it to him. This open communication in the care and feeding of the baby is definitely a gap filler – a true partnership. …

I could go on and on, name by name, about who helped me, but I can’t, because I can say without exaggeration that all the people involved in my care (I met at least 20 different ones in the process) were extremely helpful and attentive – including the cleaning lady, whose conscientiousness is a rare treasure.

We were very pleased; I am grateful every day that everything was so well done.

It is with pleasure and reassurance that I recommend this place to strangers and acquaintances alike 🙂

I wish many more reviews like this for the service in the future.”