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“In July, my baby girl was born in Medicover. I had my antenatal care here. My case manager was fantastic at organizing my tests, always on time and very helpful and kind. I had the most challenging and wonderful birth experience of my life, but Daddy was with me for all 4 days for all the tests and in the delivery room.

I would also like to thank the entire obstetric team for their contribution and immense help and support throughout the last 9 months and during the birth.

I would especially like to thank Dr Gábor Jánosy, who guided me through my pregnancy. He gave me patience, empathy, kindness and such a sense of security that I did not worry for a moment during the 9 months. Also a special thank you to Dr András Gál and midwife Katalin Gombos, who carried me through labor and through the night, supported me, encouraged me and tried to make me comfortable. I owe immense gratitude to Dr András Bokor, who delivered my little sweetheart. Here I would like to highlight midwife Arianna Tőke, who “held my hand” alongside the doctor throughout the birth. Our little girl was born naturally with perineal protection. The nurses were all very patient, kind and very, very helpful, it was a pleasure to learn the basics of childcare from them, thank you❤️. I would also like to highlight Gyöngyvér Árkocsovicsné Martinák, who made it possible for my little girl to be 100% breastfed despite the difficulties. I can’t list all the names of the people who were involved in my birth in any way, but there is such a professional team behind Medicover Obstetrics that I would entrust myself to anyone without a second thought.

In a word, I would heartily recommend the hospital’s maternity department to anyone! They gave me the most beautiful 4 days.

And one thing is for sure. I want to have my other children here. ONLY MEDICOVER!!!❤️❤️❤️