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“At the state hospital, they started out saying we were old. At Medicover they congratulated us. So it began….

I paid for a pregnancy care package. My contacts are Dorottya and Barbara 🙂 Thank you so much for everything! For all the help, kindness, empathy, problem solving and really everything! 🙂 Without you I would have been lost :))) The maternity care package has been “arranged” by Andrea. There was less communication with her -mainly because our baby girl arrived 2 weeks early. But I thank her for everything. 🙂 And I would like to mention Fruzsina and Andrea during the blood test. They were extremely precise with the glucose tolerance test and the other blood tests and kept me calm while I had to wait :))

The doctors…I went to see many doctors. One by one everyone was very kind, precise and understanding. I would especially like to mention Dr. Beáta Kauker and Dr. Ágnes Dékány. Their empathy and kindness meant a lot to me and on top of that they were careful and precise 🙂 I thank and I am grateful to them for everything for everything❤

I would also like to mention the midwives Panni, Zsóka and Nikolett. Panni gave me a lot of tips about the birth and the baby, she was kind and understanding. I still think about her every day:) And thanks to Zsóka and Nikolett for all their help, empathy and kindness during the birth.

And last but not least: a big, big thank you to the neonatal nurses without whom I don’t know what I would be doing! They gave me all the help, information, kindness and empathy (which a new mum gets from a mum…unfortunately, my mum is no longer around to experience this). I would like to highlight here Rita, Emese and Ariana. Their kindness, their willingness to help, their experience…..and everything!!!!! Thank you!!

All in all, I was perfectly satisfied with everything. Everything was easy: booking appointments, check-in, tests were on time, waiting 10 minutes max once in a while. Everyone was kind, precise and helpful! I can and will highly recommend it! Thank you all very much!❤