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“My baby boy was born at Medicover at 7:10 pm on Wednesday night, April 26. I would like to express my gratitude for the positive birth experience I had.

Overall, it was not an easy birth because I had to have a balloon induction due to GDM and the next day the contractions didn’t really start even in the early afternoon. This was very hard on me psychologically, but the empathy and diligence that we experienced from Dr. Beáta Kauker meant a lot. I didn’t want to have a caesarean section, so she did everything she could to help me deliver Vince vaginally. Her kindness and professionalism made all my hopes for Medicover come true. She was extremely thorough and helpful even during the pregnancy care, she called me on the phone about my lab results, we felt very lucky to have her accompany us through the birth. We had a shift change at 7 pm, but she stayed with us during the pushing and didn’t say goodbye until 8 pm when I was stitched up. All in all, the birth could have been a traumatic experience because it was not easy, but thanks to the doctor, we were in a familial environment all day and felt completely safe, so I will always look back on my time there with a good feeling.

Apart from Dr. Kauker, I would like to mention a few colleagues by name, to whom we are also very grateful. Zsuzsanna Kovácsné Unger was with us all day, and like the doctor, she was also infinitely kind, made me feel comfortable and kept my spirits up. In the evening shift, midwife Zsóka arrived for the pushing stage and then stayed with me until midnight to make sure my bleeding stopped. She helped me get it sorted and even helped me with breastfeeding. She even came into my room at night and the next morning to check on me, which was really nice.

The baby nurses, Gyöngyvér and Ivett, helped me after the birth, which I really needed as a first-time mom, and then on Thursday-Friday Tímea Koselák spent a lot of time with us, helping with breastfeeding, bathing, changing nappies, whenever we had questions, she came straight away. It was nice to see how lovingly she and the other baby nurses treated our son, when I needed to rest, I knew he would be in the best of hands.

Overall, we had an incredibly positive experience with the maternity unit, it was nice to feel how much they were rooting for us to make sure everything was okay, even the cleaning lady always had some kind words of encouragement during our time in there. The next day after the birth, the people who were there for the pushing came into my room, congratulating me again, asking how I was feeling. It was nice to experience this familial atmosphere, we are very happy that we contracted with You, what we received exceeded all our expectations. I will choose Medicover for my second delivery as well.

Thank you so much for these wonderful first days we spent at You as a family.”