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“On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to thank the entire Medicover team for the past 9 months of care. We are grateful that both the antenatal care and the birth were stress free as my wife always knew she was in the best possible hands. We have only encountered professionally competent and humanly empathetic doctors, midwives and baby nurses.

The biggest advantage of antenatal care, apart from the modern environment and the support of the best doctors, is that you don’t have to worry about when and what the next check-up will be, as they are always proactive in finding the mother and making an appointment with her.

During the birth my wife was assisted by three fantastic ladies who created a supportive atmosphere in the delivery room as if we were having a home birth. They did not rush anything, everything was suggested and done in her and the baby’s best interest. Although unfortunately the baby ended up being delivered by caesarean due to the way she was lying, the team went until the very end to ensure that she had a successful natural birth. During the caesarean the surgical team was also made up of very empathetic doctors, my wife still thinks with gratitude of the anaesthetist who kept her spirits up all the way through.

If there is a next one and we can afford it, we will most definitely choose Medicover for the whole pregnancy. Thank you so much for everything!”